Euro 2009

'Mine Hosts' Louis & Monty in Bristol, the other residents were at work unfortunately   'Wells' North Somerset, England - very nice
'Wells Cathedral', very impressive  (and big)   'Wells' - One for Mark & Elaine - if you can read the writing..!
'Wells' - One for Helen   'Glastonbury' - One for Len (lots of these lying round taking a nap here)
'Glastonbury Abbey', burial place of King Arthur & Wife, home to a lot of weirdos too    Our Channel crossing ferry 'Angelique', brand new & very nice too
A small medicinal 'Beaujolais' (helps sleep in a ferries bunk bed) - yeah yeah..!   Another for Len, - What you see when walking around Bordeaux
Rough and Ready Breaky Break   Lourdes
'Baracentro' huge shopping & etc complex next to our hotel   Downtown Barcelona (Pl Catalunya), they sure dress funny here
A filthy pick-pocket I caught red-handed   Very weird indeed..!
Barcelona Cathedral - parts of this are older than Christianity (don't believe me ha..!)  Wendy thanks for your email - Mum lit a large candle here etc as you requested,  hope it works..!   Same but further back & not one the Anglicans stole euther - R/C..!
Nice here ha  -(ps  how's work going over there..?)   One for Matthew
One for Andrew   --- And in public too...!
More Weirdo's   and more
One for Isabel  (the lady on my cup looks like a young Linda..! but without the freckles and not so pretty...!!!   Yet another for Len - just next to cathedral too - sacrilege..!
'Park Gruell' Barcelona (Gaudi's work of Course..!)   'Park Gruell' Barcelona
'Park Gruell' Barcelona   'Park Gruell' Barcelona
'Park Gruell' Barcelona   'Park Gruell' Barcelona
'ave;a guess   Downtown
and again, looks like a 'Wraith' design out of 'Stargate Atlantis'...!did Gaudi invent sunglasses  ?   the roof of 'and again'
somewhere here   'Sagrada Familia' - beyond words  (only cause I'm too tired to write them...!!!)
'Sagrada Familia'   'Sagrada Familia'
'Sagrada Familia'   'Sagrada Familia'
'Sagrada Familia'   'Sagrada Familia'
'Sagrada Familia'   A derelict masterpiece in town - what a waste..!  -hey Tony and Paul - want a challenge.?
Hillocks between Barcelona & Andorra   Breakie in Spain - 13/7/2009
Sill these rocky knolls in Northern Spain   Andorra, a duty-free mecca for the ladies
Lunch in Andorra- 13/7/2009  (Dinner in France)   Andorra built in the valleys of the Pyrenees
Railway bridge in case you are wondering - now in France (still Pyrenees)   And again just across the border
Yet more   (because I can...!)   Notre Dame in Marseille  (1 million steps I climbed here in 35c temp's)
View from the previous   St---- Someones Cathedral   (Google it and let me know...?)
Probably a southernish vista   A nice little town 30 mins east of Marseille, we have past 250kms of these today
Nice statue aye .. in a place called 'Ramatuelle'   A view of St Tropez  (I could smell the money from this side)
Monaco   Monte Carlo Casino  (4 Christine)
Bye Bye Monaco..!  (Probaly the last words of Gracie on her way down too..! - sick)   'Menton; A French border town with Italy, one of Mum; favourite places
She's getting dangerous with that cane..!   So I took it off her
Mum struggling in the heat, Florence Duome   View from Pieta Michelangelo  (I think that's its name..!)
Hey Mum - Look up..!   Town on shear cliffs - 1 of millions passed  (well hundreds --- or 5)
From our Hotel in 'Cassino' with 'Monte Cassino' in background on hill.

We hope to find Uncle Bill Hussey's grave in Cassino in the morning, if it doesn't get too hot too early.

Today was an absolute stinker well over 40c and very humid, walking around Florence and anywhere we stopped was very hard work.    Cassino is our most southern point, from here we start heading back towards Paris & Calais, then London & home. After this update I will try and find somewhere in Rome for a couple of nights, then Venice via 'Assisi'

Internet here is a little hard to find, sorry for the quietness.


Bye for now all


Brent & Norma (Mum)