Euro 2009

The Church At 'Monte Cassino' - stunning   And again, Contains the bodies of St Benedict & his twin 'Sister Scolastica'
Monte Cassino the next morning thru the haze   Assisi cemetery where we found Uncle Bill, beautifully kept cemetery, Assisi in rear
Me & Uncle Bill   R.I.P  Uncle Bill
Assisi, beautiful Place   Yet another church  (Mum particularly liked this one - had Mass there too..!)
Saint    um    Peter - thats right   Big font this baby, have a swim if no one was watching  (it was real HOT too)
P o s e r   Endless shopping this tour
A quiet Sunday in Roma   Mum and Pantheon
Me & Trevi (I like to throw money away)   Mums second pastime after endless shopping
Colli something or rather   Mum and one of the local dudes
Here in Padova, (Padua) this is St Anthony's Basilica, his tomb is in here, wonderful place this   St Marks Square, Venice
Grand Canal, Venice, Rialto Bridge coming up, 21st July- Breaky in Italy   Alps in Austria,  21st July- Lunch In Austria
Fussen, Bavaria, Germany  21st July- Coffee in Germany   Where we are staying tonight, a lovely place in the German Alps
Outside our door   Same spot different angle, 8.00pm and 32c..!
Breaky in Fussen, Bavaria viewing the Alps in Austria   The REAL Fairytale castle
This is a really nice place - Fussen   Fussen
Fussen   These buggers are everywhere
A quick cuppa by the shores at Interlaken, Switzerland   Bit of a hilly place this Switzerland
A bit of a wet place too this Switzerland   nice vista's tho
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Lauterbrunnen Valley, unfortunately you cannot see the snowy peaks in this photo