Euro 2009

Notre Dame Paris   Wrong photo here but it's staying here now,  possibly the Louvre
Hop on-Hop off bus before the rain, a shame it was nice up there   Champs El... all set for the end of the 'Tour de France' in a day or 2
Found this strange thing walking around   'the people you meet in Paris'..!
Mum an Eiffel   Up 2 levels
She was a bit shaky up here   Back on Terra Firma
The lovely 'Sacre Coeur'  (forgot the spelling already)   from up there looking down
Last important mission in Paris   The car handover in Calais NB the Km's,  10524, no wonder I'm stuffed
Over the English channel again to Dover, this time with 'SeaFrance'   White cliff's OK, but didn't spot any Bluebirds tho..!
St Pauls Cathedral, closed but at 11.00ea, forget it..!  (C of E anyway)   Haven't seen this species of tree before, wonder what Darwin would make of these..!
View from 'Southwark' (Queens walk)   These strange dudes follow us everywhere
and again   still there despite Guy Fawkes best efforts
From Westminster Bridge   And again
Westminster Abbey - Closed - but at 15.00ea, forget it..! again   Anyone can use the Underground here..!
Our London address   Chelsea & Westminister hospital, Mum just donated them a new wing
Lot's of pictures of Buckingham Palace etc here, wish I had taken the memory card with me..!  
    English tea at the Regency before we depart for Singapore
Pictures of the A380 Airbus we flew to Singapore on..!!


(Too lazy to get the camera out)

    Mum made this guy chuckle in Singapore
Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple - behind our hotel (in background)   Sri Krishnan Temple - along two from the buddest one
St Joseph's R/C church around the corner   Our Hotel  (Ibis on Bencoolen)
Please excuse the great smudge marks in thse last 5 pictures, forgot to clean the lens