C'mon Cathey - just get us there...!!   Is this scaffolding safe..?? - better ring Doshwa    
High Class Electrical works here   The people here sure are short..! - Oh.... Hi Mum    
Nathan Rd in a quiet time   HK Island with the Convention Centre    
C'arn get on with it   I'll have one of everything please    
What does THIS button do Andrew..??   I'll shop till I drop at this place - have to get rid of Brent Tho...!    
OH.! I haven't bought one of them YET...!   They'll look good.....somewhere...??    
Might get a job here window cleaning..!   wow,, how big is this place...!!    
Didn't get the joke... no sense of humour at all.!!   How do I tell her I'm just not interested without hurting her feelings..??    
Please all stand for the King   GO ON Dare Ya..!!    
Ohhh..was that YOU,,?!   The high speed Mt Victoria tram    
I'll be that big when I grow up   So will I   I won't...!!!
Click now Dad - you have a green light   Hurry up ya DORK..!!    
There's even a couple of trees here..!!   Love to ride a scooter down there..!!    
Upstairs in a Double-Decker - Port Stanley   Pretty small desserts here    
What to do with your pets while at work   Home sweet home
Been Here - done that   My H K guitar is Back ta Front    
C'arn Cathey  get us HOME   yeooo  that HURT...!!!